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Prior to putting your boat out on the water, it makes sense to review your boat insurance policy to ensure that you have appropriate protection for mishaps that may happen with the increased risks of physical outdoor activities. READ MORE >>

Do you live in a state that experiences thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes? The answer is probably yes! Most of us experience at least one type of these storms.  Why is that important? Because storms typically include high winds, which can cause roof damage. READ MORE >>

For those who travel sporadically in RVs, where do you keep the vehicle while not in use? Many store it in their driveways or at a storage facility. But during these periods of storage, mice, squirrels and other pests can make their way inside the RV and cause a surprising amount of damage. READ MORE >>

A hurricane is predicted. A tornado or earthquake has occurred. In any case, you are in a situation in which you are not able to stay in your home. If the damage was too much and your home is no longer livable or the risk of injury if you stay is too high, you need to evacuate. READ MORE >>

It's important to keep a budget and try to save money where you can. At the same time, it's important to ensure you have enough of the right insurance. With that in mind, let's talk about a commonly overlooked and misunderstood form of coverage: disability insurance. What Is Disability Insurance? READ MORE >>

Because of the economic slump that America is still clawing its way out of, more and more people are turning to renting. This has made for a tight rental market and learning to be a better tenant may help you find a good apartment. Try these tips to become a good tenant in the eyes of landlords. READ MORE >>

If you are looking for a simple way to protect yourself and your passengers, look no further than how you maintain your vehicle. If you are under the impression that your vehicle is fine because you keep up with your oil change schedule, think again. Other factors need to be considered in addition to oil changes. READ MORE >>

You want the office to be festive this Halloween season but you also want to be safe. With that in mind, here are some tips while decorating your office for the holiday. When hanging up lights, always check to make sure the wires are in good, clean condition and if you see any bad wear and tear, don’t use them. READ MORE >>

If the worst happens to your home, it’ll be hard to recount all the possessions you lost off the top of your head. That’s why you need to keep a home inventory of all your belongings to seek replacement. Go through your home and to every room and write down every item of value. READ MORE >>

Not only is business insurance crucial to your business' success in some cases it’s also part of the law or your building’s landlord requirements. You don’t want your business to hurt financially because of damages or theft to occur to your business. There are multiple options for business owners out there. READ MORE >>

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